Sky News presenter causes chaos with epic 'Jeremy C*nt' blunder during live segment 2 months ago

Sky News presenter causes chaos with epic 'Jeremy C*nt' blunder during live segment

The finest of Freudian slips

Anything can happen on live TV and anyone can make a mistake at work, especially under the kind of pressure that comes with live telly. That being said, we couldn't help but chuckle at Sky News presenter Sophy Ridge's gaffe on Monday night.


Speaking ahead of the vote of no confidence verdict regarding Prime Minister Boris Johnson's leadership - one which saw him remain at the helm of the Conservative party - the broadcaster was discussing potential replacements being discussed.

It was at this point that the former culture and health secretary Jeremy Hunt came into the conversation and thanks to a slip of the tongue, Ridge instead uttered a nickname commonly used by his detractors:


Simply sublime.

As the 37-year-old broadcaster begins to discuss the possibility of the South West Surrey MP being in contention for party leadership should Johnson be ousted, she accidentally calls him "Jeremy C*nt" instead of Hunt.

Perhaps the best part about the entire thing is that neither Ridge nor Sky themselves addressed the outburst at the time, nor has either issued a statement since. Freudian slip or sly dig?


Realistically, it was just a slip-up; the two words only differ by one letter and as many people on social media have pointed out, this isn't the first time Ridge herself has gotten two similar sounding words mixed up.

I think we all know which one we prefer.


Announcing his intent on Twitter, Hunt was one of the senior-most Tory members among the total of 148 who voted for Johnson to be removed and, as Ridge mentioned on Monday night's coverage, he himself was one of the supposed frontrunners named by bookmakers and political insiders that they expected to make a strong push for the party leadership.

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