A shop that sells all Irish food products has opened in London 2 years ago

A shop that sells all Irish food products has opened in London

Perfect for any Irish people living in London

For any Irish expats living in London, commuting over Christmas will have been a nightmare, with the constant threat of drones/not drones combined with exhaustion and drained bank balances.

For anyone who lives in a different country to that of their birth, there's always the dilemma of making space in your suitcase for those home comforts that you just can't find when you return from home.

Granted, the travel distance between Ireland and London isn't too severe, but when Irish people have a craving for Barry's Tea, Cidona and Ballymaloe relish, they may be tempted to swim across the Irish sea to get them.

Well, one of those problems has now been solved because a new store has opened in the London Irish Centre in Camden and it's selling all the essentials for any Irish people who wants a little taste of home.

Before anyone asks, yes the shop also stocks Tayto crisps.

It should be worth noting, the shop isn't just for Irish people, so if you're not it's still well worth your time popping down and tasting some of the exotic delicacies from across the Irish Sea.