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01st Feb 2018

Royal Mint mistake means you could have a rare £1 coin worth over £200

Kyle Picknell

You need to check if you have one of these.

An extremely rare coin has been produced by the Royal Mint after an error has meant that the the new twelve-sided £1 coin die has been printed onto some of the previous round coins.

As reported by Change Checker three cases of the error have been discovered last week alone.

One example sold on eBay for £205, whilst another is being sold at auction on the 21st of February.


The coins are said to be an “exceptional modern rarity” by auctioneers Timeline who are based in Berkeley Square. They also believe that “the coin is sure to attract much attention when it crosses the block later this year”.

The best thing to do should you happen to find one is to send it to The Royal Mint Museum, who will verify its authenticity and send it back.

Then you can sell it for more money, which I am reliably informed can be used in exchange for goods and services.

Or peanuts.