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22nd Mar 2017

Reports that a car on Westminster Bridge ‘has mowed down at least 5 people’

There have been two separate incidents that police are looking into.


Reports are yet unconfirmed regarding the vehicle incident.

Following news of gunfire outside of the Houses of Parliament, there are now separate reports – still unconfirmed – that a vehicle on Westminster Bridge has driven into a group of people.

Further to the gunfire incident, reports suggest that one person has been shot, with at least a dozen people injured as a result of the incident, as relayed by the Reuters news agency. Sky News report that one police officer is suffering from knife related injuries.

As for the incident on Westminster Bridge, Radosław Sikorski, a Senior Fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard, claims that a car ‘has mowed down at least 5 people’. Other unconfirmed sources on Twitter seem to corroborate this report.