Prince Andrew makes secret nighttime visits to the Queen 5 months ago

Prince Andrew makes secret nighttime visits to the Queen

At least we know he didn’t build up a sweat while on his nightly trek

Prince Andrew has allegedly been making midnight trips to see his mother, using the cover of darkness to evade paparazzi and prying eyes.


Andrew Andrew recently settled/Via Getty

Having just agreed to settle for £12m, despite saying he never met his accuser, it is now known that Andrew snuck to Windsor Castle from the Royal Lodge every night last week. It is believed this was to discuss his future.


Prince Andrew has been using the cover of darkness to make secret visits to the Queen without the prying eyes of the paparazzi tracking his every move, according to a report, reports the Sun.

Queen The Queen recently contracted covid/Via Getty

“Andrew has been very careful and is trying to keep out of sight. He knows there are photographers in the daytime and his best chance to avoid them is after dark,” a source told the outlet. “He knows he is meant to be keeping his head down and it’s a short trip, but he is extremely contrite and apologized to the Queen for all the trouble he has caused her.”


The source also touched on his relationship with his mother, who recently reported contracting covid.

The source said: “He realizes how serious this whole issue has been and the damage it has done to the monarchy. The last thing he wanted to do was cause his beloved mother so much anguish at her age and in her Platinum Jubilee year.”

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