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29th Jun 2023

‘Presumed human remains’ found in wreckage of Titan sub

Jack Peat

Pieces of imploded Titanic sub brought to shore

The remains were recovered ‘within the wreckage’ of the submersible

The US Coast Guard has said ‘presumed human remains’ were among the debris recovered from Titan submersible from the bottom of the ocean.

Metal wreckage from the OceanGate-owned sub was unloaded from the Horizon Arctic ship in St John’s, Canada, on Wednesday.

Photographs and footage from the scene showed metal pieces from the sub covered in tarps before cranes lifted them onto trucks.

The US Coast Guard said the vessel’s landing frame and a rear cover were found among the debris.

“Presumed human remains” were also recovered from “within the wreckage” of the submersible, the Coast Guard said in a news release.

The company that owns the remotely operated vehicles that brought Titan’s remains to the surface, Pelagic Research Services, said it has now “successfully completed” the offshore work.

Over the weekend, a Marine Board of Investigation to probe what caused the implosion and to offer possible recommendations was convened “to pursue civil or criminal sanctions as necessary.”

The Coast Guard said those working on the investigation board are collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses ahead of an expected public hearing for additional witness testimony.

“There is still a substantial amount of work to be done to understand the factors that led to the catastrophic loss of the Titan and help ensure a similar tragedy does not occur again,” Capt. Jason Neubauer, who heads the investigative board, said Wednesday.

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