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24th May 2017

Pope Francis expertly trolled Donald Trump with the perfect gift

Wil Jones

Donald Trump has continued his recent world tour with a visit with Pope Francis at the Vatican – and their meeting seemed somewhat awkward, to say the least. Just check this out:

It turns out that the Pope also may have done some next-level trolling on POTUS at the same time. According to the White House press pool report, Pope Francis gave Trump a very snide gift:


If you don’t know what a ‘encyclical’ is, Wikipedia describes it as “a Papal encyclical is specific category of papal document, a kind of letter concerning Catholic doctrine, sent by the Pope and usually addressed especially to patriarchs, primates, archbishops and bishops who are in communion with the Holy See.” The climate change encyclical was first put out in 2015.

Trump famously has implied that climate change is a hoax, and has called it ‘bullshit’ in the past, and he has already started to unravel Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

According to the press pool, Trump response to the gift was:

Well, I’ll be reading them

We hope you do, Donald.