Piers Morgan’s wife criticised for cruel nickname she’s given Meghan Markle 6 months ago

Piers Morgan’s wife criticised for cruel nickname she’s given Meghan Markle

The Morgans can't resist getting themselves out of the headlines

If you thought you'd had enough of hearing that name, wait until you hear how Piers Morgan's wife, Celia Walden, is now inserting herself into the Harry and Meghan narrative too.


Interviewed by the Daily Star, Walden joked over the suggestion that her husband has developed somewhat of an obsession with Meghan Markle. She said that Markle contacted Piers in 2016 "clearly thinking he could be of use to her".

It's clear that Walden believes the short-lived relationship wasn't reciprocal as she went on to dub the Duchess as "Me-gain". Wow - biting satire there, Celia, calm down.

She clearly isn't a fan either and as an inherent part of 'Team Piers', she insisted that the pair have received support since the GMB strop. Apparently, people appreciate "someone having the guts to say what we’re all thinking".

Clearly, plenty of people do share their thinking. Although Morgan's next steps remain unclear, he is being touted as having £10 million offers on the table.

Even more staggering is the belief that ITV will continue to work with Piers, despite 41,000 complaints over his last appearance and countless others down the years.

There are also rumours that he could return to America also: you know, the country that had enough of him after three years? The antagonistic broadcaster might have had a pop at Dan Walker's viewership a week or so ago, but it was ratings that were his undoing back then.