Piers Morgan faces torrent of abuse for branding David Beckham 'repulsive' and 'sickening' 3 years ago

Piers Morgan faces torrent of abuse for branding David Beckham 'repulsive' and 'sickening'

We've got shocking news - David Beckham is more popular than Piers Morgan.

Following stories disclosed by the 'Football Leaks' whistleblowing operation concerning David Beckham's alleged personal emails to his chief public relations adviser, Simon Oliveira, many fans have rushed to defend the ex-England captain.

Their contention is that not only are the 'revelations' relatively harmless, but those who are seeking to damage Beckham's reputation by publicly condemning him for his actions have no room to talk. Rather they are seeking to settle scores.

Chief amongst those who took great glee in slagging the former Manchester United player off is Piers Morgan - a man who has an obsession with starting arguments with young women on the internet and commenting on how little they're wearing.

The former editor of the Daily Mirror is also best buds with Donald Trump, who we'd suggest puts Becks slightly in the shade when it comes to misdemeanours and personality flaws. Regardless, Morgan had this to say on the Beckham story:

If he was expecting the public to side with him following the Saturday morning stories, and admit that he was right all along, he was very sadly mistaken. The response was passionate and emphatic. Between Piers and Becks it seems there's only one winner...