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26th Aug 2018

Photos show Donald Trump appearing to colour in the American flag wrong

Wil Jones

Americans do love the American flag

Old Glory. The Red, White, and Blue. The Star-Spangled Banner. The Stars and Stripes.

You would think the President of the Unites States of America would know the flag inside out.

But, in case you somehow needed reminding, the current President is Donald Trump.

The President, First Lady Melania Trump, and Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar recently visited the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio. According to Azar, they were there to “to learn how states and communities are responding to the challenge of opioid addiction”.

Azar tweeted some photos of the visit. They are doing normal presidential-visit things – smiling for staged photos, shaking hands, playing with kids, that sort of thing.

But take a closer look at that last image. Can you spot what Trump has done wrong? Look closely.

This, for reference, is what the American flag looks like:

It goes red stripe, white stripe, then red stripe again, alternating from the top.

Trump appears to have coloured in one of the stripes blue.

Ok, some have pointed out that it could have been coloured by a little kid, and the sheet just happened to be in front of the President. But then again, there appear to be more photos of him getting it wrong, with him with pen in hand.

Others have pointed out that his colour choices look suspiciously like he could be trying to recreate the Russian flag.

It could also be possible that Donald Trump is fully aware of the colours of the American flag, and instead just decided to make up his own flag. Maybe he was going to do the next one orange, and then a few pink ones? Who knows.