Parklife boss wants to pay for couple's honeymoon after they got engaged at his festival 2 months ago

Parklife boss wants to pay for couple's honeymoon after they got engaged at his festival

Anyone looking to get engaged to score free tickets? Asking for a friend

The big boss of Parklife festival is currently on the hunt for a couple who got engaged on-stage during Saturday's events.


Sach Lord was furious after seeing the abuse that teens Milo and Indy got after getting engaged during Yung Filly's set on the main stage. While the two had won a competition to spend the day with the comedian and rapper, Milo took the chance and dropped to one knee yesterday.


But after seeing the abuse they received online, Lord wants to stick it to the haters and pay for their honeymoon.

"Imagine a young couple like that, they've probably spent the last two years having a really rough time with lockdown," he told the Manchester Evening News. "Imagine being in their shoes and you get engaged on the main stage at Parklife, in front of 80,000 people and it's a moment you're going to cherish for the rest of your life."


He continued: "Then you wake up and look at social media and a load of people who sit in their mum's back bedroom and hide behind false profiles and they're writing nasty comments.

"For those kids to read that, and their family, it would be heartbreaking. I think it's disgusting and I think it's vile. Sadly, some people have to put up with trolls, and it's a way of life. But I think we should be learning. I want them to cherish that moment. So first, let's find them."

Once he finds the happy couple, Lord wants to give them free entry for life to both The Warehouse Project and Parklife.

He explained: "They'll never have to pay to come to any of our events again, whether it's Parklife or the Warehouse Project, but I want to take a further step."


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"I want to pay for the honeymoon. And when they go away, I want them to sit there in the sun posting pictures to social media, knowing that those people who had a go at them are bitter, and they're not there. So let's find them, and let's look after them."

Get hunting social media mavens.

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