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17th Nov 2015

Parisian couple’s lives were saved by an argument over dinner (Video)

Tom Victor

Amidst all the tragic loss of life in Paris, one story has emerged that shows the power of serendipity.

Frenchman Quentin Bongard was in La Belle Equipe, a cafe attacked by terrorists, for dinner with his girlfriend.

But they had a fight and he stormed out – a decision which would end up saving both their lives.

“Luckily we fought, because if we hadn’t we would both be dead now,” Bongard told French publication iTELE.

“When I left, she went inside to the bar because she thought she needed to pay. And at that moment the guys arrived and started shooting all around,” he added.

“She managed to hide behind a couch, and in the spot where we were five minutes before, everyone was dead.”

Clip via The New York Times