OnlyFans model sets sights on acquiring top flight football club 1 week ago

OnlyFans model sets sights on acquiring top flight football club

The Playboy model is raising money to buy a football club

A Playboy model is using her OnlyFans account to raise money to try and buy Chilean professional football club, O'Higgins F.C.


Daniella Chavez, 35, wants to buy the club and has claimed that she has already made $8.5m from her account just two weeks after starting her fundraiser.

Chavez needs to raise a total of $20m (£16.4m) to stand a chance of being able to buy the club, which is based in her hometown of Rancagua.

During an interview with Chilean radio station ADN, the model laid out her plans for the club should she be successful and confirmed that the only reason she started the account was to buy the team she has supported her whole life.


"I believe that with my management team, we can do things better, return to Rancagua a winning team, with aspirations," she said.

"Not playing just to participate. I want a winning team that fights for everything."

O'Higgins, who are currently owned by Chilean businessman Ricardo Abumohor, were forced to release a statement confirming that a bid from Chavez wouldn't be ruled out, despite a member of the club's leadership saying there were no plans to speak to the 35-year-old.


It said: "Faced with press articles in digital media that have stated - with reserved sources - that the Abumohor family rules out the sale of the club to a particular person, we want to clarify that this information is erroneous and does not represent the values of the Abumohor family.

"Although the club has previously stated that it is open to the incorporation of new actors or investors to promote the growth of the institution, these proposals must be formally presented to the leadership that heads the club.

"We cannot consider as real, concrete or formal, interests manifested through social networks. We are a serious institution publicly recognised for its values.


"The club rejects the notion that they would be opposed to someone 'based on their origins, race or social status."

Chavez had hit back at the comments and accused the board of sexism in a post on Twitter. "I have raised $8 million (£6.5million)... today I see in the news that the O'Higgins leadership does not want to sell to me," she wrote.

"Ricardo Abumohor put it up for sale and now that I want to buy it they tell me no! I thought this man was more serious and I'm sure I can do much more for the club than him... I'm from the Region, I'm a fan and he's not!


"Apparently Abumohor [wants to sell the club] unless a woman wants to buy the club."

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