Obama has already moved to block one of Trump's key proposals 5 years ago

Obama has already moved to block one of Trump's key proposals

Donald Trump may have won the US election, but he won't be inaugurated as president until January next year.

Until then, Barack Obama remains the man in charge, and he has already begun doing what he can to put a few things into effect before it becomes impossible.


Trump and running-mate Mike Pence have spoken of plans to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, prompting one chapter of the reproductive healthcare organisation to put out a bold response to the president-elect.

While funds delegated to Planned Parenthood are not directly spent on providing abortions (they're used predominantly for contraception), opposition to its funding comes from anti-abortion politicians like Pence and Trump who note that this is another thing provided by the nonprofit group.


And Obama has stood in the way of any such action from his successor, moving to block individual states from cutting funds to Planned Parenthood for political reasons alone.

Under the new proposals, Obama will outlaw the withdrawal of funding for any 'Title X' services (which traditionally help low-income Americans) unless the organisation in question is unable to effectively provide the services it promises, the Independent reports.

And the outgoing president has received a great deal of support from his measures from those concerned for their future under Trump.


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