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02nd Nov 2020

Nigel Farage is relaunching the Brexit Party as an anti-lockdown party

Alan Loughnane

Say hello to Reform UK

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has applied to the British Electoral Commission to change its name to Reform UK.

The former MEP is set to launch his Brexit Party as an anti-lockdown party called Reform UK as he campaigns against measures imposed by the UK government to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The Brexit Party contested 275 seats in the last UK general election but failed to get a single MP elected.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Farage and party chairman Richard Tice said the party would adopt an anti-lockdown platform in order to give a “political voice” to those opposed to Covid-19 restrictions in the UK.

“As promised, we continue to keep a very close eye on the Government’s trade negotiations with the EU, to ensure a proper Brexit,” Farage said.

“Further reform in many other areas is also vital for our nation’s future.”

Farage called on the UK to stop acting in the “vested interests on Covid” and also made a series of claims about the number of people affected by Covid-19.

He said he’d already registered the name because the party would “have to campaign to change politics for good”.

Chairman Richard Tice added: “The need for major reform in the UK is clearer now than ever.

“A new approach is essential, so that government works for the people, not for itself. The most urgent issue is a new coronavirus strategy, so that we learn to live with it, not hide in fear of it.”