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11th Nov 2022

Murder suspect interrogated for 6 hours before police realise he’s been shot in the face

Steve Hopkins

Ryan Waller lay dying on his apartment floor before police interrogated him for hours

A man was taken into custody and interrogated for hours by police despite needing urgent medical attention for gunshot wounds to the head.

In 2006, Ryan Waller was the victim of a violent Christmas break-in at his home in Phoenix, Arizona, that left his girlfriend, Heather Quan, dead, and him seriously injured in a case that has now resurfaced on TikTok due to the unusual nature of it.

The couple, who lived with one other roommate, had only been in the house for a few months when Ritchie Carver – a former roommate and friend – and his father Larry Carver decided to break in on December 23.

After the pair rang the doorbell, Ryan got up to see who it was, but after realising they were both carrying guns, the then 22-year-old tried to shut the door. Richie then reached through and shot him twice in the head.

@thevibesareimmaculate90 He was found in his home with his deceased gf, he did not know what happened or even realize he had been shot #truecrime #crimetiktok #fypシ #fyp #trending #interrogation #crimestories #crimetoks #foryou #wednesday #copsoftiktok ♬ Creepy and simple horror background music(1070744) – howlingindicator

He then went into another room and shot Heather dead as she lay on the couch, before the pair stole several weapons and computers from the scene.

Heather died at the scene but Ryan was too injured to call for help and lay injured in the house for two days until police eventually gained access after his dad called them worried his son hadn’t come for Christmas dinner.

Ryan then became the prime suspect in Heather’s murder and was taken into custody for questioning.

Ryan told detectives he couldn’t remember what had happened, so a lengthly interrogation got underway despite the fact he urgently needed media attention.

In video of the interrogation it is clear that Ryan is badly injured and when he started to deteriorate medical help was eventually sought.

Doctors later told Ryan’s dad, Don, that his son had an infection that could have been avoided had he received proper and timely care.

Ryan remained in hospital for 35 days. He lost some of his brain, left eye and experiences seizures. He died in January 2016.

Ritchie Carver received life without parole, then in 2013 after a lengthy process Larry Carver was also sentenced to life.

Ryan’s father sued the Phoenix Police Department, and the interrogator who dealt with Ryan was charged with evidence tampering and fabricating stories about events to do with the case.

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