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05th Apr 2024

Mum hands over her two sons after they’re accused of shooting the police


“If you’re going to do the crime, you’re going to do the time.”

A mother has handed her two sons over to the police after they were accused of shooting at them.

The incident, which happened in Holly Springs, Mississippi, saw the two boys being accused of shooting at officers during a traffic stop.

Local news outlet WMC reported that an officer attempted to pull over a vehicle at 4.30am on Tuesday morning (April 2). The car was said to be driving erratically and had no headlights on at the time of the attempted stop, before a minimum of two shots were fired from the vehicle.

“It was dangerous for the officers and any other pedestrian and anyone that was on that interstate at that time. That was a very dangerous situation,”Darryl Bowens, Holly Springs police chief, said.

The vehicle got away, but was later spotted by a Marshall County sheriff’s deputy before the suspects ran into the woods.

They were later caught on a Ring doorbell camera, with their photos being made public shortly after.

Around a day later, the mother of the two suspects, aged 17 and 18, turned them into the police.

“I don’t play no games with them.  If you want to do the crime you gotta do the time – plain and simple,” she said, asking to remain anonymous.

She claimed that they are both innocent, and that by handing them in their names will be cleared.

“My child does not get in trouble. He don’t bother nobody. They don’t do nothing. All they do is play games. This is very new. This is very shocking,” she said.

Both of her sons have been charged with aggravated assault on a police officer. Their names have not been officially released.

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