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27th Oct 2018

‘At least eight dead’ as gunman attacks Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kyle Picknell

According to reports the shooter is still active inside the synagogue

An active, armed man has attacked a synagogue in Pennsylvania, America, and is still currently inside the building.

Witnesses have stated that the shooter walked into the synagogue and opened fire on civilians whilst yelling “All Jews must die”.

The Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue, in Pittsburgh, has been sealed off by police.

The shooting began at around 10am local time and has left ‘multiple victims’. There have been at least eight fatalities according to reports and three police officers have been shot during whilst exchanging fire with the shooter.

Officers are currently trying to safely evacuate a number of people that remain barricaded inside the building.

The Pittsburgh Public Safety Twitter account has warned members of the public to avoid the area.