Most Brits support putting plain clothes police in pubs and clubs 1 year ago

Most Brits support putting plain clothes police in pubs and clubs

A YouGov poll showed that Brits were in favour of the plans

Following the death of Sarah Everard, who went missing from the streets of London on 3 March, there has been an overwhelming number of women who say that they do not feel safe whilst walking alone at night.


The Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Twitter: "The horrific case of Sarah Everard has unleashed a wave of feeling about women not feeling safe at night."

Following a meeting with the Government's Crime and Justice taskforce, which was chaired by Boris Johnson, No. 10 said it would take "immediate steps" to improve security.

The PM confirmed the plans in a Tweet following a meeting with ministers, senior Police officers and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).


The tweet said: "We're taking action to make our streets safer, with better lighting and CCTV, tougher sentences and increased police patrols.

"We must drive out violence against women and girls and make every part of the criminal justice system work better to protect and defend them."


One proposal was to roll-out across the UK pilots of a programme, whereby plain-clothed and uniformed officers would seek to actively identify predatory and suspicious offenders at venues at night.

The programme, named 'Project Vigilant', could involve undercover police officers in plain clothes visiting nightclubs and bars. An increased police presence when people leave at closing time is also being considered as part of the new plans.

A YouGov poll conducted on Wednesday showed that 67 per cent of Britons support the proposed measures, whilst 23 per cent oppose the new plans.


There was a huge difference in opinion between those aged 18-24, with 53 per cent of young adults voting in favour of the plans, and those aged 65 and over, with an overwhelming 74 per cent of the older age band agreeing with the government's new proposals.