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02nd Oct 2017

Monarch airlines goes into administration leaving thousands of passengers stranded

Paul Moore

If you had tickets booked with them, all the information you need is here.

Monarch has confirmed that the following companies have ceased trading and now entered administration:

  • Monarch Airlines Ltd
  • Monarch Holidays Ltd
  • First Aviation Ltd previously trading as Monarch Airlines
  • Avro Ltd
  • Somewhere2stay Ltd

As a result, the company has stated that as of 2 October 2017, all future holidays and flights provided by these companies have been cancelled and they’re no longer operating.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) says it has launched a programme to bring 110,000 Monarch customers back to the UK in response to the airline being placed into administration, leaving 300,000 bookings cancelled.

At present, there are an estimated 110,000 Monarch customers that are currently abroad. The UK Government has asked the CAA to coordinate flights back to the UK for all Monarch customers currently overseas. Monarch has stressed that “these new flights will be at no extra cost to you.”

As reported by ITV, the CAA will charter more than 30 planes to bring those whose flights have been cancelled home within the next fortnight.

Foreign Office staff will be at affected airports to assist vulnerable British travellers with specific needs.

In a statement, the CAA said: “This is the biggest UK airline ever to cease trading, so the Government has asked the CAA to support Monarch customers.”

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “This is a hugely distressing situation for British holidaymakers abroad – and my first priority is to help them get back to the UK. That is why I have immediately ordered the country’s biggest ever peacetime repatriation to fly about 110,000 passengers who could otherwise have been left stranded abroad.

He added: “This is an unprecedented response to an unprecedented situation.Together with the Civil Aviation Authority, we will work around the clock to ensure Monarch passengers get the support they need. Nobody should underestimate the size of the challenge, so I ask passengers to be patient and act on the advice given by the CAA.”

If you’re a Monarch customer, here’s what the company have said regarding the next steps to take.

Customers already abroad

If you are currently abroad and due to return to the UK on or before 15 October 2017 we are making arrangements for you to return home to the UK on a new flight, at the end of your holiday. These new flights will be at no extra cost to you.

We will of course prioritise vulnerable passengers, including unaccompanied minors, and make sure that family groups travel on the same flights. 

For further advice and details of your new flight please read I am currently abroad.

If you are currently abroad and due to return to the UK after this date, please read the additional information section.

Customers yet to travel out of the UK

We are sorry to inform you that all future holidays and flights booked with Monarch are now cancelled as of 2 October 2017.

If you are booked on a Monarch Airlines flight, please do not go to your UK airport, as your flight will not be operating.

Further information is available at I have a future booking and have not travellled yet.

Again, if you’ve got any questions regarding the airline, here’s where you can find some extra information.