MMA fighter gets choked out and literally sh*ts himself (Video) 6 years ago

MMA fighter gets choked out and literally sh*ts himself (Video)

This is hands down the most disgusting submission in MMA history.

Fans at the Cage event in West Virginia on Saturday thought they were going to see Travis Wolford in action against Daniel Cooper, but instead they got Travis Brown. Cooper forced a tap and a crap from his opponent with a choke, much to disgust of everyone at the event.


Walford’s pants were clearly soiled as he rolled over when Cooper initiated the choke, but after he stands up, sh*t gets real... and falls out of his shorts.

He walked around the cage unsure whether he should help clean it up or just give up and hit the showers/bidet, while the referee goes to investigate the situation before quickly coming to the conclusion that cleaning poop ain't in his job description.

The woman filming the video starts is clearly repulsed by what she sees and begins to dry heave but still, for some inexplicable reason continues to film and zoom in on the mess.

God help the poor fighters who had to enter the cage next. We can only assume they had a gentleman's agreement to keep the fight standing.