Missile air strike in Israel captured during live news report 5 months ago

Missile air strike in Israel captured during live news report

The footage captures projectiles being fired before they're stopped by Israel's anti-missile defence systems

As the Israel-Palestine conflict continues to rage on, a series of airstrikes and counter-offensives are now being launched by both sides, as neither Israeli nor Hamas forces look to be relenting.


In this clip posted to Reddit, you can see a missile fired during a live Israeli news broadcast, before being intercepted by the nation's missile defence system:

As can be seen in the footage, the missile sweeps around the airspace above the city of Ashkelon - located just 13 kilometres north of Gaza, where several died and more than 700 were injured by Israeli airstrikes carried out overnight - exploding several other projectiles that are set to detonate down below.

The missile, obviously, catches the camera crew and news anchor off guard but as they pan up, they manage to capture everything, including the cacophony explosions that echo across the city.

Hamas have been increasing their rocket fire following retaliation from Israel, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the fight is far from over. At least 26 have already been declared dead in the chaos - nine of those casualties being children.