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23rd Jun 2024

Miller & Carter’s strict dress code that causes customers to be denied entry

Joseph Loftus

Bet you didn’t know this

Miller and Carter is arguably the most popular steak chain in the United Kingdom.

Branded as ‘the masters of steak’ by the Craft Guild of Chefs, Miller and Carter are known for religiously dishing out some gloriously sizzling steaks with their signature “steak experience” ensured with every plate.

You’d think just about anybody can stroll right into a Miller and Carter and say: “Medium rare please and thank you”, but you’d be wrong as unbeknownst to most, there is actually a dress code.

If you take a dive into the deep dark recesses of Miller and Carter’s FAQ section, you’ll see that the dress code for yourselves.

It reads: “We like to think that dining at Miller and Carter is a bit of a treat, and many of our guests like to dress up to celebrate their special occasions.

“Therefore we have a smart-casual dress code and kindly request that no sportswear is worn when visiting Miller and Carter.”

Another Miller and Carter story has been doing the rounds recently as people have noted that part of their steak experience includes includes a mammoth chunk of lettuce.

If you’ve been to Miller and Carter you’ll know that just before your steak is brought out, a large cut of the salad leaf is served at the table but there’s a method to this madness.

Taking to social media recently, a Miller and Carter restaurant in Coventry explained: “A refreshing appetiser which perfectly compliments the flavours of our steak.

“The wedge provides a cold crisp texture to accompany our steak. Iceberg lettuce also helps our digestive system break down heavy proteins and carbohydrates.”

Not only is it nutritious and beneficial, but many people responded to the post claiming that the lettuce is one of their favourite parts of eating at Miller and Carter.

One person wrote: “Always polished off before my steak arrives… yummy.”

Another said: “So there is a specific reason for the wedge! This is making me want to go back even more so!”

Did you know this?