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04th Oct 2016

‘Monster’ Michael Gove sinks to new depths with truly sickening tweet


Nooruddean Choudry

For various reasons, Michael Gove is an especially despised politician even by the lowly standards of such a derided profession.

In 2013, whilst he was the Secretary of State for Education, the National Association of Head Teachers condemned Gove for creating a “climate of bullying, fear and intimidation”.

He has also been accused of attempting to circumvent the Freedom of Information act by allegedly using private email accounts to discuss government business, using the pseudonym ‘Mrs Blurt’.

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Between December 2005 and April 2006, he claimed more than £7,000 on a house bought with his wife – a third of that amount went to an interior design company established by David Cameron’s mother-in-law.

As well as all that, Gove not only led a widely condemned (and many say devious) Brexit campaign, but followed it up by immediately stabbing Boris Johnson in the back and running for PM when Cameron resigned.

He was eliminated from the leadership race at the first stage of voting.

And yet, in spite of all that, the Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath disgraced himself like never before in the eyes of many with a simple yet chilling message on Monday night.

It read simply:

That’s right – Mrs Brown’s Boys #puregenius.

As you can imagine, people were sickened to their very core at such a statement. Thus far, calls for his resignation – and the deletion of his account – have fallen on deaf ears. May the Lord have mercy on all of our souls.

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