Michael Gove mobbed on the street as police rush to protect him from 'freedom protestors' 9 months ago

Michael Gove mobbed on the street as police rush to protect him from 'freedom protestors'

The group known as the 'Resistance' are once again targeting public figures

Michael Gove had to be escorted into a building by dozens of police officers after he was swarmed by 'freedom protestors' on Tuesday afternoon.


Footage of the protestors who appear to be 'Resistance GB' - the same group who recently served Jeremy Vine and his wife with a writ over his and the BBC's Covid reporting - has been circulating all over social media, showing them rushing to crowd around the Housing Secretary.

Trigger warning: in the below video they use stark language:


The protests, which are said to have started around Westminster, are yet another against vaccine passports, lockdown restrictions and general Covid regulations, with one individual rushing up to the MP and asking: “Mr Gove, how do you justify the illegal lockdowns that have been pushed on this country?”

Gove was walking along Horseferry Road - where Westminster's magistrate's court is located - before people gathered around him with their cameras and phones.

He is guarded by a group of police officers who attempt to defuse the situation as demonstrators continue to shout expletives and accusations at him before he is taken to safety inside the building.


People on social media were understandably concerned by the footage, insisting that protest or not, this kind of behaviour is dangerous and unacceptable.

The Twitter user who supplied the previous video, shared another piece of footage seemingly depicting the same group during similar protests back in August:


While the first clip appears to credit Resistance GB for the demonstration, BBC's Shayan Sardarizadeh shared the following image from an earlier protest outside another building in London.

She claims that the protest was organised by a group called 'Official Voice', who as well as voicing their anti-vaccine sentiment also demanded the arrest of Bill and Melinda Gates - the namesakes of the foundation they were stood outside.

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