The document that proves Michael Gove is unfit for high office

Conservative leadership candidate Michael Gove said the peace process in Northern Ireland is a 'moral stain' and 'humiliation'

Michael Gove authored a 58-page document attacking the Good Friday Agreement, likening it to the appeasement of the Nazis and even managing to attack the rights of trans people, women and the disabled in the process.

'The Price of Peace' was published by the Centre for Policy Studies in 2000 and written by then home editor of The Times, now candidate to be prime minister, Michael Gove.

Gove described the peace process as a "moral stain," "humiliation," "denial of our national integrity" and "indelible mark against [our Government.]" The pamphlet represents the peace process as a capitulation to the IRA.

The positions argued by Gove are not fitting of a man who desires high office and would be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the union, civil peace of the nation and beneficial relationships with our closest neighbours.

Attacks on disabled and trans rights are also present. Gove worried emergency services will "no longer be able to discriminate in favour of the able-bodied" and that trans people would be able to "marry, adopt and enter any job of their choosing." He also lamented a human rights culture that prevented women from being fired if they fall pregnant.

During the BBC's televised leadership debate host Emily Maitlis put the comments in 'The Price of Peace' to Gove. In response he said: "I was critical of Tony Blair because of the way he handled the peace process at certain points."

The document's full text shows that to be patently false.

Opposition to the peace
process and ceasefire

Opposition to decommissioning

The Good Friday agreement
threatens our way of life

A rigged referendum

Attacks human rights and
anti-discrimination rules

Attacks disabled rights

Attacks trans rights

Attacks women's rights

Attacks diverse police force