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05th Apr 2017

Mafia expert believes that the U.K is “the most corrupt country in the world”

Paul Moore

Roberto Saviano has been an enemy of the Mafia since he wrote the seminal book Gomorrah.

If you’ve read the book, or seen the TV show, you’ll know that Gomorrah is one of the most accurate, detailed and insightful depictions of the modern Mafia.

In fact, since exposing the world of organised crime, Italian author Roberto Saviano has lived in hiding while constantly being subjected to death threats.

In an interview with Euronews, Saviano gave a fascinating insight into how he believes the Mafia has changed over the last decade and it doesn’t make good reading for the U.K.

When asked if Brexit could impact the fact that people use the U.K as an offshore haven and how he sees “the future of the United Kingdom when it comes to this illegal money laundering,”, here’s what he said.

“Transparency groups have shown this with irrefutable data. The UK is already the most, without doubt, the most corrupt country in the world, not in terms of politics or police, but in terms of money laundering. No English person feels that they are in the most corrupt country in the world because they they cannot pay off policeman or easily corrupt politicians, but they don’t know that their financial system is totally corrupt,” he said.

Given the fact that Gibraltar has been in the news recently, Saviano believes that this isn’t coincidental..

He adds : “What do I mean by corruption? I mean that there is no control of the flow of money – not necessarily into London, but into Gibraltar, Malta and Jersey – these are all the doors through which Great Britain brings money in without any control. Panama used to be the money laundering capital – now it’s London. Panama got its revenge with the Panama Papers, they clearly released names to take revenge against London.”

Here’s part of the interview.