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27th Oct 2023

Liverpool fan gets tattoo blacked out after club bans tribute to fans murdered by Hamas


‘You’ll walk alone’

An Israeli Liverpool fan has claimed that he is done with the club after they banned a tribute to the victims of Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Hamas launched an offensive on Israel on October 7 resulting in the deaths of around 1,400 people.

In the aftermath of the attack, the FA chose to ban Israeli and Palestinian flags from England’s matches against Australia and Italy due to the fears it could escalate tensions between fans in and outside the stadium.

Premier League clubs, such as Liverpool, have since followed suit, resulting in a banner mourning the deaths of Israelis being removed from the Kop.

Lifelong Liverpool fan, Oren Sensel, claims he was angered by the decision to ban tributes and has since declared that he will no longer support the Reds.

Sensel, who used to have a Liverpool badge tattoo, has since had the club’s emblem blacked out and replaced it with the Star of David. The motto, You’ll Never Walk Alone, has also been altered and now reads, You’ll Walk Alone.

The date of the attack has also been added to the top of the tattoo.

Posting to Facebook, Sensel wrote: “Anyone who knows me knows how much I loved Liverpool Football Club it was a central part of my life. Everything in my life was conducted according to team games, events.

“‘I was always there and believed that the statement that Liverpool is much more than football catches even when we were all shocked by the terrible crime that occurred in the Gaza envelope, a crime against humanity where 1400 of our people were slaughtered. 

“‘I was expecting it… It is absolutely clear to me that Liverpool Football Club should not take sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but my big break started with the club not being willing to condemn the crime against humanity committed on 7.10.23 and increased to do when in the game against Everton they did not let a sign fly (totally non political and without any sign of Israel) a sign that perpetuates the 4 fans that were murdered Roy, Neta, Uri and Yuval Hayd, that’s where I finally broke down, that’s when I decided that I’m done with this club!”

He continued: “I’m not going to lie it’s hard for me, the club symbol was tattooed by my left (the side of the heart) I felt that I couldn’t keep walking around with this tattoo and I did change it because these words are written from the blood of my heart and the blood of my people is not in vain.

“He who does not condemn the crime against humanity committed on 7.10.23 in my opinion is an accomplice, even if the economic considerations are critical.

“So after 45 years or so I continue to go alone because the club that’s password is: “you’ll never walk alone”. He left me to go alone and he doesn’t deserve my sympathy literally.

“Liverpool, hello and not goodbye.”

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