Laurence Fox tied with Count Binface in London Mayoral race, joint last 1 month ago

Laurence Fox tied with Count Binface in London Mayoral race, joint last

Laurence Fox is hardly likeable, but to be neck and neck with a man called Binface...

Laurence Fox announced he would be running for London Mayor back in March and, since then, hasn't done much beyond tweet, hire buses and promote his Reclaim Party's campaign by blowing up images of a gagged Churchill statue in Westminster.


To absolutely no one's surprise, it has been revealed that the actor, musician and entitled rich kid turned politician, is apparently polling joint last with UKIP's Peter Gammons and the self-styled Count Binface, a man who wears a bin on his head after legal action prevented him from using a bucket.

With just 1 per cent of the vote to his name, the extremely arrogant twat of all trades is actually dead last, as these figures are estimated to the nearest integer: his numbers have actually been rounded up... Binface!

To put things into greater context, Count Binface is doing better on absolutely zero budget. Bin. Face.

We'll forgive you if don't recognise his name - all you need to remember is he's the bloke who openly celebrated having a large group of friends over during the height of lockdown, simply to defy government guidelines. We were more surprised he had any.


We'd embed the tweet but sadly it was deleted, however, he was brazen enough to then film the police arriving at his home after he flagrantly advertised he had broken lockdown restrictions on multiple occasions, so here's that one:

Safe to say, he hasn't won over the people of London—yet! We're sure the pendulum could swing his way any day now.