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24th May 2019

Larry the Cat had to be carried out of the way in order for Theresa May to resign

Wil Jones

On Friday morning, Theresa May announced she was *finally* resigning as Prime Minister and head of the Conservative Party, intending to step down on June 7th

For Larry the Downing Street cat, however, it was just a rude awakening.

As the news got out that May was meeting with 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady, thousands eagerly tuned into news channels, awaiting her statement and the inevitable.

Events like this though involve a lot of waiting around though. And as news pundits rabbited on trying to fill the dead air, one major event captured the nation’s attention.

A big burly dude came out and shuffled Larry the Cat into Number 10. The poor cat was just out there, chilling, enjoying the rare British sunshine when some jobsworth came and accosted him.

Would it really be the end of the world if there was a cat sitting in the background of May’s resignation? Look, politics is so depressing and scary right now – wouldn’t it make things that bit more bearable if we had a cute cat to lighten the mood?

Let Larry into the House of Commons. Let him prowl around during Question Time. Getting hair all over Dominic Raab’s trousers. Sitting on Jeremy Corbyn’s lap. Howling over John Bercow.