Jeremy Clarkson calls fans of women's boxing "sexual deviants" 6 years ago

Jeremy Clarkson calls fans of women's boxing "sexual deviants"

Jeremy Clarkson is at it again.

The former Top Gear host is no stranger to controversy, and is once again raising eyebrows with his latest column in The Sun talking about women's sport. He writes:


"Well, the simple fact of the matter is: The only people who turn up to watch women’s boxing are the immediate families of those taking part. And a few sexual deviants."

Apparently Clarkson isn't a fan of women's boxing (or perhaps has not heard of Ronda Rousey) as he waded into the discussion about differences in wages in men's and women's sport.

According to Clarkson, that more people tune in to watch the Men's Final of Wimbledon means they deserve more more money than their female counterparts.



"The tickets at Centre Court fetch more too.

"This means that the men bring more cash to the sport, then have to share it equally with the women. Is that fair? If you think it isn’t, may I suggest you say nothing."

Quite. Probably best if we leave it there.

Still, at least Clarkson's latest noise works as a handy reminder that his motoring show on Amazon Prime is out in autumn this year.