James O'Brien pulls apart Dominic Raab comments in gruesome takedown 2 years ago

James O'Brien pulls apart Dominic Raab comments in gruesome takedown

Hopefully Raab will now realise that his interviews are almost universally recorded

The problem with being a high profile figure who takes part in lots of interviews is that invariably those interviews are recorded for posterity. Things you say do, or at least should, matter, and if you say one thing one week, before going back on it shortly afterwards, people will notice it.


This is a key tenet of recorded speech which appears to have evaded Dominic Raab, the Conservative party politician who served valiantly as Brexit Secretary from July 2018 to November 2018.

He'll likely bare this in mind in future, after being quite savagely eviscerated on LBC by James O'Brien.

O'Brien undertakes the fiendishly underhand tactic of, erm, playing Raab's own words over the radio airwaves. Those words include, stating that he doesn't support the Human Rights Act, claiming that people who go to food banks aren't in poverty, and admitting - while Brexit Secretary - that he had not in fact read the Good Friday Agreement. To be fair, he did skim it.

After playing the clips, O'Brien asks: "Is it possible that he could be more wrong about everything?

"Even if he woke up every morning and said 'Today I am determined to be the most wrong person in all of Wrongland' Dominic Raab, just being Dominic Raab would be even more wrong."

Watch the compilation of Raab ineptitude yourself below, and revel in the fact that no matter how wrong you have been in your life, you're probably nowhere near as wrong as Raab is on a good day.