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21st May 2021

James Corden accidentally shares ‘old man in Wetherspoons’ Wayne Lineker meme

Claudia McInerney

James Corden accidentally shared the meme on social media

As pubs opened their doors to customers once again, a random act of kindness went viral after an elderly man was spotted struggling to get a pint via the app in Wetherspoons in Cardiff, Wales.

The good samaritan, Mark Farrier, said he bought the 79-year-old man a drink after he watched him struggle to get served for around 15 minutes.

On LinkedIn, the man wrote: “Seen a little old man sitting alone in Wetherspoons. He couldn’t use the Wetherspoons app and staff ignored him over 15 mins.

“Poor old fella got dressed up too.

“We bought him 2 pints and sat him closer to us for bit chat what a grateful old man at 79 he used to spray planes.

“He ain’t spoken to anyone in months look after your elderly.”

Shortly after, the exact text started circulating on Twitter as a copypasta, but instead of displaying a picture of the elderly man, Twitter users replaced the image with comic alternatives.

Some replaced the image with the viral Bernie Sanders’ meme.

One post shared by the Twitter user @youwouldknow gained attracted a lot of interest from fellow Twitter users.

The user posted a picture of Gary Lineker’s brother called Wayne, who is renowned for his *ahem* rock’n’roll lifestyle.

One user replied, saying that the post was the “tweet of the year.”

James Corden accidentally shared the image on Twitter, with the caption “This is such a lovely message.”

But, unsurprisingly, the Tweet has now been deleted.