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03rd May 2019

“If Ireland’s a problem, give it back to the Irish” comment draws applause during BBC Brexit debate

Conor Heneghan

“They don’t want to be part of us anyway.”

Ever since a ‘flextension’ was agreed last month, which extends the Brexit deadline until the end of October, the B word hasn’t dominated political conversation to anywhere near the extent it had for the first few months of this year.

It hasn’t gone away entirely, of course, and is still the subject of much discourse and debate on the airwaves, as it was during Question Time on Thursday night.

Of most interest during the debate was the contribution of one audience member who was clearly fed up at the fact that Britain hadn’t left the European Union yet and had little doubt about the reason why.

“Leave means leave, that’s what I voted for and that is what I expected,” she said.

“All the prevaricating is just ridiculous, it’s going round and round in circles.

“Why don’t we just break off, just leave, let it be done with that.”

As Ken Clarke MP, former chancellor of the exchequer and home secretary, attempted to intervene to suggest why it wasn’t that simple, the audience member continued:

“If Ireland’s a problem, give it back to the Irish.

“Let them have it, they don’t want to be part of us anyway.”

The audience member suggested she would be in favour of Scottish independence as well before saying: “I really don’t care. I just want out of this damn mess.”

You can see the exchange in full below.