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05th Dec 2016

Incredible and terrifying footage of man climbing Dublin’s Poolbeg Chimneys


Carl Kinsella

The Poolbeg Chimneys have been one of the most recognisable features of the Dublin skyline for decades.

The towers stand at a staggering 207m above ground, definitely high enough that most people of sound mind would never even dream of climbing them.

However, “adventurers and casual daredevils” Oliver and John are not your ordinary people. These guys have a passion for free-climbing and when on a trip to Dublin they decided they needed to conquer the famous chimneys.

Oliver recorded a seven-minute video of himself climbing the tower, capturing both incredible views and a heart-stopping journey.

Writing on their YouTube channel, Oliver said: “I wanted to visit this amazing place and climb the famous chimneys in Dublin. I went out to the old and abandoned place one day, climbed over fences, jumped over walls and explored this awesome place. The scenery was amazing and I will never forget it.”

“It took me a while to get up the 200meter chimney and I was concerned about getting busted because I did it an afternoon. I could easily be seen whilst I was climbing. The chimneys are not in use, but there is another part of the area which is. So there were security guards out there. I performed the climb without the use of safety equipment of any kind.”

While we’d not recommend doing in this in the first place, we’d strongly advise against doing it without any safety equipment.

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