Batten down the hatches, a hurricane could be headed towards the UK next week 5 months ago

Batten down the hatches, a hurricane could be headed towards the UK next week

Hurricane Ophelia’s planning on paying a visit and it’s not going to be pretty.

A tropical storm called Ophelia, expected to become Hurricane Ophelia on Thursday, is headed upwards from the Atlantic and could hit the UK by early next week.

According to the Met Office, Ireland and the UK can expect plenty of wind and rain early next week after a weekend when temperatures will be unseasonably high and could reach as high as 20 degrees in places.

It is a testament to how temperamental the weather has been this year that we’ve already reached a storm beginning with the letter ‘O’ and though Ophelia is likely to be an “ex-hurricane” by the time it potentially reaches the UK, it will still be capable of making a significant impact.

Unlike most Atlantic storms, Ophelia is headed from west to east rather than in the opposite direction; with its centre some 785 miles southeast of the Azores, it is expected to pass by Portugal and Spain over the weekend before arriving in these parts early next week.


Ophelia is set to make UK landfall late on Sunday evening.

Image via Twitter/Met Office

A spokeswoman for the Met Office has said: "Having been a tropical system close to the point that it reaches the UK, the storm will have a lot of energy and there could be wet and windy weather on Monday.”

Whatever way you look at it, the outlook certainly doesn’t look particularly promising; best enjoy that unexpected burst of late summer on Saturday while it lasts.