Hugging friends and family still banned despite easing of lockdown rules 1 year ago

Hugging friends and family still banned despite easing of lockdown rules

Restrictions might be easing but we'll still have to wait to give our loved ones a squeeze

We all love a cuddle - don't lie and pretend you don't. One of the toughest things we've had to endure throughout this entire pandemic is that we haven't been able to lean on our friends and family in the same way we usually would during a difficult time.


As of today, lockdown and social distancing guidelines are easing, with Boris Johnson set to address the nation and give further details this evening. However, we do already know some key things:

  • The 'stay-at-home' order ends and people can now meet outside
  • Two households/groups of up to six people are now able to meet outside in England
  • Outdoor meetings and sports now allowed
  • Weddings can take place again but only with six people attending
  • Social distancing remains in place - a minimum of two metres apart

Despite movement outside and around the country slowly returning, it's that last one that's the kicker. So whilst you can no meet your friends and family - once again, sticking the rule of six - in a park, beach or even in someone's garden, you still can't give them a hug just yet.


Sports Minister, Nigel Huddleston, said: "I want to hug my mum as well – politicians are human beings too and we’re as desperately keen to do this as everybody else".

He reiterated that, "At the moment the message is still be cautious [...] please don’t do the hugging, because what you’re doing is risking the health of the very people that you love."

He went on to say that by following the roadmap, the UK can take things a stage at a time and "the goal is to reduce as many of these social distancing measures as possible from June 21."

There is light at the end of the tunnel people. Hang in there and just hold off on the hugging for now.