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10th Jun 2017

Homeless man who rushed to help children in the Manchester attack now has a home

Paul Moore

Seconds after the explosion, Chris Parker ran into the Arena to help injured children.

Chris Parker’s heroic, brave and selfless actions were commended all over the world in the aftermath of the Manchester attack.

Without hesitation,  the 33-year-old instantly rushed into the venue to help injured children but he dismissed this remarkably courageous act by saying that he ‘did what anyone would do’.

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, Chris’ mum has revealed that her son has now found a home after meeting with council officers.

“Chris is totally overwhelmed by everything. He has got a house, he has signed for and he is staying there. He is still hanging around on the streets because that’s where his friends are – that’s his community. There are a lot of untrue things being said on Facebook, this needs to be put to bed. He does have accommodation – and it is his choice to hang around on the streets. Chris is going to keep his head down for a while now.”

You may have been aware about the JustGiving campaign that was established to provide Chris with some financial security. Well, we’re delighted to say that £50,000 was raised to help him turn his life around and that he has also been reunited with his mother after a period of five years apart.

We wish him nothing but the best.

Image via – Manchester Evening News