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30th Jan 2024

‘Hawaii of Europe’ holiday island has year-long summers and no UK time difference


Treat yourself on ‘national plan a holiday day’

Is that a real holiday? Well, it is now.

To be honest, nothing sounds better than thinking about being on hot beaches with cold drinks right now.

As January payday finally approaches, it sounds like the perfect excuse to us to get something booked.

But where will you go, I wonder? Take a look below and get some inspiration…

Brb just booking a ticket

As the nights ever so slowly grow longer, many of us around the UK are dreaming of a holiday to get away from the bleakness of the next few months, if only for a while.

Usually this involves a bit of winter sun, perhaps a beach, certainly some good food. Well look no further, because this island has been dubbed the ‘Hawaii of Europe’ and it’s a stone’s throw from the UK.

The place has it all, incredible wildlife, brilliant food, stunning beaches – the lot.

And there’s also a certain famous footballer who hails from the island who you may have heard of.

The island of Madeira, located just off the coast of Morocco, is a Portuguese island, is a veritable paradise for those looking for some winter sun.

Funchal, the capital, boasts some of the best local cuisine, and the island is known the world over for its fortified wine.

It’s not just for foodies though, if you like a beach holiday or would rather get up and go for a hike in the mountains, Madeira has you covered.

Madeira is a volcanic island that is home to the volcanic talent that is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Remember that terrible statue of Ronaldo that got rightly rinsed online? Well that was in Madeira.

And if you’re a Ronaldo superfan, or are trying to convince someone who is to splurge out on a winter holiday, there’s a dedicated museum for CR7 on the island.

And if you’re worried about the weather, don’t be. The island enjoys temperate climate all year long.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s not even a time difference between Madeira and the UK, so need to worry about that pesky jet lag after a few days over there.

Sounds like the ideal winter hols spot to me.

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