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14th Jun 2017

Grenfell Tower resident breaks down as he describes people jumping from burning building

"There's a man who threw two of his children..."

Rich Cooper

As details concerning the Grenfell Tower fire emerge, it’s becoming clear that is a disaster of an enormous scale.

The fire was reported in the middle of the night, with fire crews on the scene within six minutes of receiving the call. 50 people have been taken to hospital injured, with an unknown number of confirmed casualties and many more people unaccounted for.

Residents and eyewitnesses have been speaking to the press about the horrific events, including one man, Mahad Egal, who spoke to BBC News about what he saw.

In the clip below, Mr Egal says: “This was really horrific. There’s people who were jumping out of the place. There’s a man who threw two of his children…” He takes a moment, clearly overwhelmed by the events.

Continuing, he says “We saw a lot. We saw a lot with our own eyes. We saw friends, families…” before breaking down and being unable to continue.

“Honestly, it’s alright. You don’t have to say anymore,” the reporter says while comforting Mr Egal.

Residents had warned that the tower was becoming a “death trap” as early as 2012.

The Grenfell Action Group had posted a number of blogs detailing their concerns, including out of date fire extinguishers, landlords ignoring the health and safety of residents and lack of fire exits during renovation works.