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25th Dec 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Christmas dinner menu in jail revealed

Kieran Galpin


No roast potatoes for Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell will receive an alternative to the typical Christmas dinner while behind bars.

While we are tucking into Turkey and mountains of roast potatoes, Maxwell will reportedly be dining on quite the opposite.

According to the Telegraph, the 59-year-old will be served-up beef meatloaf, gravy, mashed potatoes, tuna, potato chips, and fresh fruit.

Maxwell is currently facing two charges of sex trafficking, one count of sex trafficking and another count of sex trafficking conspiracy, and is in jail while the Jury hearing deciding her fate is on a Christmas break.

Maxwell, who is no stranger to complaining about her life behind bars, has previously slammed her treatment.

Speaking to Sky News, Maxwell’s brother Ian said: “I don’t see Ghislaine administering a black eye to herself.

“I think she has suffered some occasional physical abuse at the hands of her guards. Yes.”

He continued to explain that his family planned to make a legal challenge case under human rights legislation.

He added: “We are going to take it to the UN.

“Take it from me. America has to be held to account, and it will be.”

In response, a representative for the US Federal Bureau of Prisons said: “We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of all inmates in our population, our staff, and the public.

“The BOP takes allegations of staff misconduct seriously and consistent with national policy, refers all allegations for investigation, if warranted.”

Despite Maxwell’s denial of any wrongdoing, victims of Jeffery Epstein have come forward to brand her a “monster in designer clothes”.

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