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22nd Oct 2023

Flat Earther falls silent after professor ‘humiliates’ him in debate’


Why don’t you get in a car and drive for 24 hours, and over 24 hours veer by one degree. Are you going to feel that?’

A Flat Earther was left humiliated after debating the shape of the Earth with a science professor.

David Weiss, who hosts The Flat Earth Podcast, regularly interviews people on the subject, but last year he found himself in unfamiliar territory – one someone else’s podcast – and it didn’t go well.

During the podcast, titled ‘Professor Dave Humiliates Flat Earther David Weiss’, the professor, Dave Farina, and the Flat Earther debated the shape of the planet we live on, with Flat Earth Dave arguing that theories about the shape of the Earth came from astronomers who Professor Dave “doesn’t know”.

“You’ve never met these men, you don’t know anything about these men other than the stories that the controllers of this world tell you,” Weiss told the academic.

Naturally, the conspiracy theorist had an argument against most scientific answers, but when it came to the Earth’s movement within space, Weiss became a little unstuck.

Weiss argued that the Earth couldn’t possibly be moving in an orbit: “You think that we’re spinning at 1000 miles an hour, and we don’t feel it? And we’re changing directions?

“How is that possible? How about when the Earth comes around towards the Sun in the winter, it’s speeding up and taking its sharpest turn, and we don’t feel any of those forces?”

Professor Dave found Weiss’ questions “hilarious”.

And made a few counterpoints.

Weiss acknowledged that it takes a year for the Earth to travel around the Sun; a fact that didn’t work in his favour when Professor Dave presented his argument, saying:: “Why don’t you go ahead and get in a car, and do a 360 turn and make it take a year. Are you going to feel that?

“Let’s break it down, 360 degrees, 365 days, that’s about a degree a [day] right? Why don’t you get in a car and drive for 24 hours, and over 24 hours veer by one degree. Are you going to feel that?”

While Weiss generally hit back with theories of his own, when presented with that logic, he feel silence.

Those involved in the Zoom burst out laughing at Weiss’ lack of an answer, and while Flat Earth Dave attempted to make a comeback by claiming he was “trying to think of the easiest way to describe it”, it was too late.

The video has since gone viral with over four million views.

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