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09th Jun 2017

Evening Standard’s front page shows that George Osborne hasn’t exactly forgiven Theresa May

May sacked Osborne when she became PM

Rich Cooper

George Osborne is having an absolute ball.

After being bumped from his job as Chancellor when Theresa May took over Number 10 in the wake of David Cameron’s exit, Osborne hung about in Parliament for a bit, representing his constituency of Tatton.

Then, a job came calling. London’s Evening Standard needed a new Editor, and as a young man George had dabbled with journalism – not very much, mind. It was always his ambition to carve a career in stories and the written word, and at last he had his chance.

And when the snap election was called, it was time for George to enjoy himself. Over the following six weeks, Osborne really stuck in the knife in, criticising May’s botched manifesto and shambolic campaign. But once a Tory, always a Tory, so when it came to endorsements, it was always going to be May.

Now the Conservative campaign lies in tatters, a hung parliament the result of May’s attempted grab at securing her majority. And Osborne wasn’t going to spare the PM.

If you’re enjoying the Tory implosion, know that George Osborne is having just as much fun as you.