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12th Jun 2017

DUP rumoured to want Nigel Farage as part of Brexit negotiations

Paul Moore

The former Ukip leader could be back.

As Theresa May is about to sit down with the DUP with the aim of forming a new government, The Times have reported that Nigel Farage could be a bargaining chip in talks between both parties.

We’ve frequently been told that any alliance between the Tories and DUP will be a ‘confidence and supply’ deal, but it’s being reported that the Arlene Foster-led party are insisting on Farage’s presence during negotiations with the EU.

‘They hold a few cards,’ a source told the Sunday Times. ‘They want Farage as a lord or a role in government or he and Arron (Banks, one of Ukip’s biggest donors) will put something together that will cause trouble for May.’

Mr Farage’s communications adviser, Dan Jukes, even tweeted about this report that the DUP want Farage to be involved with Brexit negotiations.

As for Ukip, they suffered disastrous losses in the the general election with their leader Paul Nuttall resigning.

Regarding the DUP and Tories working closely together, the Taoiseach for the Republic of Ireland has expressed concern. “The Taoiseach indicated his concern that nothing should happen to put the Good Friday Agreement at risk and the challenge that this agreement will bring,” his office said on Sunday.

Downing Street said Mrs May had “reiterated that the government’s approach and objectives in the forthcoming talks to re-establish the Northern Ireland executive remained unchanged”.

It’s worth noting that Farage once called the Northern Ireland peace process ‘utterly loathsome’. He was also heavily critical of the decision by the late Rev Ian Paisley to enter government with Sinn Féin.

As you can see in the video below, Farage remarked : “I find the whole peace process, so called, in Northern Ireland loathsome. Utterly and entirely loathsome. I think to have released back into the community over 400 convicted murderers some of whom served sentences short as 18 months. That is not what I call a peace process. That is what I call surrender to the wrong ’uns. You know both from the Protestant and the Catholic side and so I am sickened by the whole thing. I am very surprised that Paisley has been prepared to go into government with Sinn Féin, IRA. I really am very surprised by that.”

When The Guardian asked him to clarify these statements, a spokesperson said: “He feels that back in 1998 he did not understand why 420 murderers were let back into the community.”

Clip via – TruthAndFreedom101