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01st Apr 2018

Drivers face new £150 fine after huge rule change

James Dawson

A good reason to stop.

Any litterbugs that are caught throwing rubbish out of their window will be hit with a £150 fine as of today.

Updated council powers mean that the cost of the fine has increased from £80 – with 90% of people backing the change.

Coffee cups, fast food papers and tab ends are among the litter commonly launched our of car windows, with 1 in 7 drivers admitting to the dirty habit.

Environment Minister Therese Coffey said: ‘These new fines will tackle anti-social behaviour by hitting litter louts in the pockets, whether it’s litter thrown from a vehicle or dropped in the street.

“Littering is a scourge on our environment and we waste taxpayers’ money cleaning it up.”

Edmund King, president of motoring organisation the AA, said: “There is no excuse for car litter louts.

“Tossing rubbish from vehicles spoils the environment, costs millions and puts road workers’ lives at risk when they have to clear up.

“The majority of our members support higher fines for littering and we welcome these steps to tackle this unnecessary problem.

“It is not difficult for car occupants to bag it and bin it.”