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19th Feb 2016

Donald Trump has named his favourite McDonald’s food…but there’s one big problem

Tom Victor

If we wanted to go through a full list of Donald Trump’s bullsh*ttery, it would probably take us through until Monday.

He thinks Paris is in Germany and once claimed to be Batman. And that’s before we even get started on his tweets.

But the US Presidential candidate has added another notch to his belt of bizarre statements after being asked to name his favourite McDonald’s menu item.

Anyone who’s been to the restaurant will know the basics. Big Mac = Good. Filet-O-Fish = Average. Fish Delight = Fictional.

That didn’t stop Trump, though, who declared the made-up sandwich to be his favourite on the menu.

Someone has suggested there was actually a one-time promotional meal with that name, or someting resembling it.

But that would have required Trump to visit the fast food chain a lot in a short space of time, or once during the promotional period and never again.

Occam’s Razor, folks – he probably just made it up.

Well, actually, there is one other possible explanation.