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16th May 2022

Hilarious moment pilot is forced to climb into cockpit through window after ‘getting locked out’

April Curtin

New York, USA - April 30, 2012: Boeing 737 Delta Air Lines approaches John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, NY on April 30, 2012. Delta is the oldest airline still operating in the United States.

We’ve all been there when we’ve lost our keys on a night out

A Delta airline pilot had to climb into a plane through the window after seemingly being locked out of the cockpit – and there’s a hilarious video to show it happening.

The pilot straddled the window of the Boeing 737 aircraft while attempting to get his legs through and gain access to the driver’s seat.

However this failed so in the end, he had to go in head first, with the support of his co-pilot gently shoving the rest of his body in behind him.

We’ve all been there when we’ve lost our keys on a night out – though maybe not before we’re about to fly a plane.

The video was later shared on social media, picking up some great comments from viewers.

“So many questions, lol” one said.

Many viewers were also left with a whole lot of questions. Why could the pilot not have just gone in the good old fashioned way – through the door?

A pilot speaking to explained that, if power to the plane was shut off, the keypad would also probably not be functional.

The pilot, who flies an Airbus, said: “At least on the Airbus, if the plane was fully shut down and external power turned off in the cockpit, if the cockpit door was closed, you might be locked out. There are some systems that can be powered on from a switch outside the cockpit but I’m not sure the door is one.”

He said he was not aware of a way to enter the cockpit through the window on an Airbus. So, good job for these guys (and the passengers) that they were flying the Boeing.

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