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07th Oct 2015

David Cameron made a cringeworthy sex joke at the Tory party conference

Tom Victor

Let’s start with a little survey, where’s the worst possible place to tell a sex joke?

If you said ‘at the dinner table with family’ or ‘in the middle of performing a medical exam’, we can only assume you didn’t even consider ‘on stage at the Conservative Party Conference’ as an option.

Of course, as has already been established with some of his policies, David Cameron doesn’t give a sh*t about people’s opinion of him.

So it should come as no surprise that he broke out this little nugget while addressing his party in Manchester.

Those not cringing at the PM’s efforts to reclaim banter might – if being very generous – dismiss the comment as a ham-fisted attempt at a soundbite.

But not everyone was fooled by this particular diversion tactic…