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13th Oct 2016

Creepy clown breaks into Irish home wielding axe and leaves young child traumatised

Too far

Paul Moore

This is one of the more serious and disturbing incidents of the ‘creepy clown trend’.

The moronic ‘creepy clown’ trend that sees people dress up in clown costumes and harass members of the public has reached Ireland, in one of a distressing incident in in County Kildare.

According to Kildare Now, a man, believed to be about 6ft and wearing an orange jump-suit, entered a home in Kildare while waving around an axe, leaving a young child terrorised.

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The mother said:
“I was getting my child ready for bed when I saw white gloves coming through the window. I thought it was just a family member messing. Later, I heard my child screaming in the kitchen.
“My boyfriend left a scream at him and he was gone. My child was petrified, she does not want to go out for Halloween now. She was asking all night, ‘ are you sure the monster is not coming?”

Kildare Noalso stated that numerous other local sightings of this ‘creepy clown’ trend have been was reported to the Irish police.