CCTV captures moment a burglar silently watches couple sleep in their home 6 years ago

CCTV captures moment a burglar silently watches couple sleep in their home

This is everyone’s worst nightmare.

A video has just been released showing the moment a burglar gained entry into a couple's house and watched them as they slept.


Robber 1

Jack Mackercher and Jordan Buranskas who live in Bucktown, a suburb in Chicago, tell a reporter from how they fell asleep on their couch in their living room at 3.30am on Monday night.

The eerie video shows an intruder covered from head to toe in dark clothing with his face obscured standing on the top of the staircase.


The figure hovers there for around 10-15 minutes, looking over the couple as they sleep below, completely unaware of the unwelcome presence.

As if that wasn't strange enough, it appears that the robber is actually watching the television in the couple's house, as he appears to leave soon after the credits roll.

Jordon Buranskas explains that she would never have suspected a thing, but upon waking, she realised her handbag was gone.

Convinced she had lost it, her partner Jack decided to review security footage from the night before to prove to his girlfriend that she had, in fact brought it into their apartment.


This is the moment when they realised that a burglar had not only stolen Jordan's handbag, but loitered in their house and watched them as they slept.

The couple believe that the intruder gained access through the fire escape at the back of the apartments, as the sliding door leading into the bedroom was unlocked.

There have been more reports of the same individual walking around the Bucktown district of Chicago, trying to gain access to homes. Numerous people have come forward with footage of the same person fiddling door handles in and around the neighbourhood on the same date.

You can view the disturbing video below.